Sternum Up

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

The sternum is a long flat bone in the middle of your chest. It protects your heart and lungs among other things.

One of my favorite cues in exercise is “sternum up”. It helps your body get in better alignment for a yoga pose or to walk or to lift. Many of us tend to have our chests sunken in a bit, and this cue counters that.

I realized that “sternum up” applies in life more broadly as well , because it can affect the mind too.

Big business meeting? Sternum up.

Hot date? Sternum up.

We always think about how the mind affects the body – but the body affects the mind too.

That is the power of this cue. Sternum up.

  • I wrote more about this in my post The Body Never Lies
  • Some people get a better result from shoulders back, but I think sternum up is way better