Last Updated on March 16, 2021

I want to live for a long time! Of course not just wasting away, but I want to live a long time while I still have my faculties and a good level of fitness. As per The Lessons of History:

We are grateful for the added years that medical science gives us if they are not a burdensome prolongation of illness, disability, and gloom.

The Lessons of History

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t want to live forever. I haven’t come across this sentiment much. The only place I remember reading something relevant is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality! (Harry Potter fan fiction, explaining the story of Harry Potter’s wizardry through the scientific method.)

What would you do with eternity, Harry?

Meet all the interesting people in the world, read all the good books and then write something even better, celebrate my first grandchild’s tenth birthday party on the Moon, celebrate my first great-great-great grandchild’s hundredth birthday party around the Rings of Saturn, learn the deepest and final rules of Nature, understand the nature of consciousness, find out why anything exists in the first place, visit other stars, discover aliens, create aliens, rendezvous with everyone for a party on the other side of the Milky Way once we’ve explored the whole thing, meet up with everyone else who was born on Old Earth to watch the Sun finally go out, and I used to worry about finding a way to escape this universe before it ran out of negentropy but I’m a lot more hopeful now that I’ve discovered the so-called laws of physics are just optional guidelines.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality