Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

The so-called “cancel culture” is such a waste. I find it sad that we can’t appreciate one part of something of beautiful if another part it ugly. Or we can’t allow people to make mistakes. It’s kinda scary living in a world without any opportunity for forgiveness. (Let alone even changing your mind.)

This really started to crystalize for me in the age of Trump, I noticed how polarizing Trump was – you either loved him or hated him – particularly here in California. But in reality shouldn’t it be more nuanced? Isn’t it unfair to completely write someone off? This labeling of good or evil seems a bit lazy. Is it just intellectual laziness? What causes it? Is it neurons that fire together wire together? The Halo effect? I am not sure.

The reality is that you might agree with some things a person does but not other things.

Like we can’t now listen to Michael Jackson anymore? And do I have to delete I Believe I Can Fly from all playlists?

Or we can’t laugh at Louis CK because he’s done some creepy things?

I can’t work it out! I can’t help but laugh at this Louis CK clip too.