Collected Wisdom

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

I’m starting to note down my collected wisdom – the things that I have learnt over the years that I think are profound.

I was going to structure it a bit but I can’t quite work out the right structure. So I’ll just brain dump what I can think of for now on this random Wednesday when I found 15 minutes, in case I never get a chance before I die. Partly tongue in cheek partly true. Sorry to sound so dramatic. It’s a good treatment for the existential angst.

Sternum Up

We always think about how the mind affects the body, but the body affects the mind too. This is a brilliant cue. More here on Sternum Up.

Relentless Curiosity

There’s a lot to this, but curiosity is a key value for me.

Brené Brown says “extend the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words, and actions of others.” I think curiously is an easy way to fuel that.

More observation, less judgement is a related idea I think about a lot. Observation can come without judgement. Stay scientific. Particularly be aware of the moralistic tendencies that we all have.

Focus on the Long Term

You can have multiple careers, businesses, hobbies during your life. But it’s good to focus on one at at time. I like how Derek Sivers explains it

Are you trying to pursue many different directions at once? Are you frustrated that the world wants you to pick one thing, because you want to do them all?

The problem is thinking short term — assuming that if you don’t do all the things now, they won’t happen.

The solution is to think long term. Do just one thing for a few years, then another for a few years, then another.

Make Money to Control Time

Money buys freedom of time. Control of time is the ultimate wealth.

No alarm clock and beach on a Monday are what I want money for. 😉

Balance Yin and Yang

Boring but true, but everything is about balance. The Tao Te Ching has all the info. Yin and yang is a key mental model for living.

I wrote a lot about Staying in Your Comfort Zone here which I think is of my best advice in the current world.