Last Updated on July 21, 2021

I’m a beach person.

I love swimming in the ocean. I know things are going great in life when I’m finding that I’m fitting in a morning or a sunset dip in the ocean.

I love doing an ocean race in the summer. Bondi to Bronte, Cole Classic, Coogee Wedding Cake Island, and Cockatoo Island are a few I’ve slayed slowly and steadily survived so far.

I prefer a surf beach most of the time but I still enjoy a nice bay or even a lake.

In my beach bag

  • Sunscreen – both a chemical and a zinc/mineral one
  • A lightweight towel. I like those lightweight Turkish towels
  • Goggles. I’m an ocean swimmer

A long day at the beach

  • A huge umbrella
  • Wind shade. I came across these in Portugal and bought this one in USA. Ugly but so useful if the wind can’t be avoided! (San Francisco)