I’m Julia Clavien. I was born in Australia in the mid 80’s. I grew up all over the place, but I spent a lot of formative years in Melbourne, Australia. In my 20’s I lived in parts of South East Asia and Europe, and in my 30’s I’ve been based predominantly in San Francisco, USA.

I just recently spent a chunk of time in New Zealand, but am now back in San Francisco.

I like to build things. Particularly data and software products. These days I’m more of a product leader. Here’s my professional history.

I love to read. Here’s what I’m currently reading. Here are some of the books that have had a big influence on me.

I like to write. It helps with the existential/nihilistic angst. I write a neat newsletter about mental models. I go through phases of tweeting. I’ve written a lot on Medium in the past.

This site is a scratchpad for notes on my curiosities. Some of it is quite good and I’m proud of it, some of it is half-baked and embarrassing. Sometimes I cover technology and broader business and leadership topics. Sometimes I muse on philosophy or psychology. Often it’s shallower stuff like travel and lifestyle.

All opinions are subject to change – because Bayes’ rule.

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